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About Me

Thank you for supporting my handmade, veteran owned boutique!

I learned to crochet from my grandmother as a very young child. As I grew older, my passion for crocheting didn't ignite until I had a preemie baby born six weeks early. It was important to keep his head warm but none of the store-bought ones would fit him. The nurses had a box of these cute little hats that were donated to the NICU by volunteers who had crocheted and knitted them. They were not only cute but they were so small that they actually fit...which was important.
When my son was a few months old, I started making baby hats for the local NICU for preemie babies and decided to sell my creations online. This allowed me to make a little extra money to buy more yarn to make more hats. Then I started making baby crochet dresses that were very popular for Easter Dresses. These dresses are what allowed my shop to expand to what it is today.
I now offer embroidery, handmade custom clothing, crochet and knitted items. I have some set designs listed but most of my orders are custom.
Awards & Publications:
I won first place for my crochet dress design at the North Carolina State Fair in 2016, Crochet Doll Design in 2017 and Custom Clothing in 2017.
I made several crochet hats for Saturday Night Live and they were featured on their show in January 2018.


I am a registered small business and follow the US Consumer Product Safety Commission compliance regulations.