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About Me

Thank you for supporting my handmade, veteran owned boutique!

I'm a US Navy veteran who spent 15+ years as a government contractor in cyber security...I created Bella Knots Boutique in 2012.

My grandmother taught me to crochet as a very young child. As I grew older, my passion for crocheting didn't ignite until I had a preemie baby born six weeks early. It was important to keep his head warm but none of the store-bought hats fit him. The NICU nurses had a box of cute little hats that were donated by volunteers. They were so small and they actually fit...which was important.

When my son was a few months old, I wanted to give back.  I made hats for the local NICU and decided to sell my creations online to purchase more yarn. By request, I began making baby crochet dresses that were very popular for Easter dresses. Those dresses are what allowed my shop to expand to what it is today.

I left my 15+year career in government cyber security and haven't looked back.

I now offer embroidery, handmade custom clothing, crochet and knitted items. I have some set designs listed online but most of my orders are custom created for my customers.

Awards & Publications:
I won first place for my crochet dress design at the North Carolina State Fair in 2016, Crochet Doll Design in 2017 and Custom Clothing in 2017.
I made several crochet hats for Saturday Night Live and they were featured on their show in January 2018.

I am a registered small business and follow the US Consumer Product Safety Commission compliance regulations.